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Nexcon Technology Co., Ltd. website renewal open

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Nexcon Technology Co., Ltd. website has been reopened.

Since our establishment in 1996, we have established ourselves as a leading company in the field of secondary battery battery protection circuits.
It has grown into a company that provides the best solutions to customers.

In particular, small secondary battery battery protection circuit (Protecticon Circuit Module) and medium and large secondary battery battery protection circuit,
BMS (Battery Management System), Battery Pack, ESS (Energy Storage System), electronic equipment business, etc.
We are making a leap forward with a variety of business portfolios.

In keeping with the rapidly changing industry, we are a leading eco-friendly future energy solution provider in the BoT era.
To become a global leader, we will continue to move forward with “passion, harmony, communication”
as our core values.

One-Team organizational culture that becomes one in rechargeable battery battery protection circuit We promise to continue to grow as
a Next-Icon company, We look forward to your continued interest in the future.

Thank you.

CEO: Jun-Yeol YounTEL : +82-41-620-4000FAX : +82-41-620-4284
ADDRESS : Choongchung Nam-Do Chun-An City Seobuk-Gu Sungho-Eup Sukmun-Gil (Yobang-Ri 303-1)
BUSINESS NO : 608-88-00122E-MAIL :

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