Company Philosophy

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Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

New Value System

The Motto


Management Policy

Quality first
Proper management
Community solidarity

Code of Conduct

  • Fair and Square

    Do the right thing in the right way.
  • Practice learning

    Never stop studying and practicing.
  • Standard compliance

    Follow and comply to all rules and process methods.
  • Customer focused

    Always think and act in the customer's position.
  • Active communication

    Set the direction after free discussions and try to implement until the goal is fulfilled.

CEO: Jun-Yeol YounTEL : +82-41-620-4000FAX : +82-41-620-4284
ADDRESS : Choongchung Nam-Do Chun-An City Seobuk-Gu Sungho-Eup Sukmun-Gil (Yobang-Ri 303-1)
BUSINESS NO : 608-88-00122E-MAIL :

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